Coach Flanigan’s performance driven coaching approach is science focused with the understanding that no two athletes are the same (genetics, resources, time, etc) and therefor an artful blending of science and reality are needed to create each athletes development plan. Athletes are not the same, so neither should their plans. 


Personalized Coaching

Each athlete works with Coach Flanigan through an initial consultation lay out goals, direction, and an event schedule of which a development plan can be crafted from.

Coaching includes:

  • Training Peaks Account
  • Unlimited Communication
  • Annual Development Plan
  • Training Plan delivered Weekly
  • Race Nutrition
  • Race Strategy Planning
  • Post Race Debriefs 

$275 per month



Personalized coaching is not for everyone but access to a knowledgeable and trusted coach can be very valuable. Consultations are available on an hourly basis and must be scheduled in advance.

Consults are available for:

  • Race Planning
  • Development Planning
  • Race Nutrition
  • Equipment Selection
  • Gait Analysis
  • Swim Assessment
  • Bike Fitting *2 hour process

$125 per hour