Central Virginia Endurance

Founded in 2008, Central Virginia Endurance was Coach Flanigan's first coaching organization. Over the past decade CVE has provided expert coaching and guidance to hundreds of athletes in the Virginia, Washington DC, and North Carolina regions. 

CVE is focused on providing customized guidance, coaching, and education to athletes of all ability levels and athletic backgrounds. 


Services Offered:


Coaching Packages: 

Our team of expert coaches work with athletes of all abilities to obtain peak performance and fitness through our individual coaching. Packages includes individual custom training plans, in person coaching sessions, constant communication with coaching staff, and many of the above-mentioned services. Contact CVE for more details.

Professional Bike Fitting: 

Our experts take atheltes through the process of fitting them to their bicycle. The fit process includes a musculoskeletal evaluation to best understand the individual's capabilities as it relates to their chosen bicycle as well as the aerodynamic factors involved for optimal performance.
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Power Testing and File Analysis: 

During this test, your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) is identified along with a review of the power test file and understanding appropriate training and racing levels using power (Current use of a power meter is not required).

Running and cycling VO2max Testing: 

During these two tests, your maximal aerobic capacity (oxygen uptake) is assessed which is a useful indicator of a persons aerobic potential and tool to guide training.

Race Season Planning: 

From novice to elite, planning and athlete's race schedule for peak performances can be one of the most difficult tasks. Our expert coaches target your true goals and objectives, and craft a schedule to help achieve the desired goals.

2D Running Gait Analysis:

Using slow motions video technology, your gait is evaluated to identify any biomechanical issues that may lead to injury or inefficient running. This includes looking at muscular weakness in addition to your shoes.