Time trial / triathlon bike fits done through Central Virginia Endurance/Carytown Bicycle Company will adhere to the F.I.S.T. process, short for Fit Institute of SlowTwitch.  F.I.S.T .is the only process that was developed specifically for time trial and triathlon bikes.  *See Slowtwitch.com for a clear description of the process.

Road and Mountain fits, as well as all cleat adjustments, will be done using Paul Swift’s  Bike Fit protocols. 

For Pro level fits, the bike is removed from the equation.   The fitter will focus on the rider and how that rider’s body prefers to interact with the bike.  We do this through the use of a fit bike.  The magic of a fit bike is that it allows a broad range of adjustments to be done very quickly.  The end result will be an ideal position that is not limited by the adjustment range or component spec of a specific bike.  


Central Virginia Endurance/Carytown Bicycle Company is located at 3112 W. Cary Street.  Parking is located in the lot behind the shop, off of S. Belmont Street. Enter through the back doors.  The Central Virginia Endurance fitting/testing studio is immediately to the right upon entering. 

Fits can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 3 hours or more. We will take as much time as we need.  Riders should bring warm weather riding clothes, shoes and aero helmet if they own one. The fitting will include some hard riding.  *Do not workout before your fit.

Pro Fits are guaranteed.  Two follow up visits in the first 30 days are included for riders experiencing difficulty with the original fit.


Pro Fit $225 -Includes the initial session plus up to two follows ups in the first 30 days.

Equipment Consult $75 -Includes discussion of wheels, tires, tubes, air pressure, nutrition placement, gearing, clothing, cable routing, specialty aerodynamic parts.  This can be added to any fit or purchased as an a la carte service.

Non-Competitive Fit $165 -Does not use the fit bike.  30-90 minutes.  Follow ups not included.  Perfect for non-racers looking for a more sustainable balance between speed and comfort.

Follow-ups $80/hour (½ hour minimum). You will leave your fit with a data sheet.  For Pro fits, this will include Stack and Reach data. Complete set up numbers will be detailed for all fits.  If there is an existing bike, we will discuss ways to have that bike set up to your new position.  Purchasing and installing necessary parts or making the adjustments to your existing are not part of the fit. 

To discuss/schedule a fit: